Delivering One Magazine:
How does it work?

So you’re thinking about joining our team of One Magazine distributors but want to find out more about how it works? Here’s how:

Rounds Available

We aim to match our delivery people to a delivery route close to your home, ideally one that includes the road you live on. All of our rounds take between 2-4 hours to complete, delivering to between 200 and 400 houses depending on street layout.

Communication and Payment

We will speak to you on the phone initially to get to know you and explain how everything works after you’ve submitted your online application. During this process we will direct you to set up your bank details for payment and ensure we find a round that is suitable for your requirements.

Magazine Drop Off

Usually in the last week of the month we will deliver slightly larger than shoebox size boxes of magazines required for your route. An annual calendar of drop off dates to you will be supplied so there are no surprises, and you can notify us of a safe place if you’re not at home.

In one of the boxes will be a map (detailing specific streets to be delivered to and number of houses on each), any special instructions we may need to provide, and any leaflets that you may be required to deliver alongside the magazine.

Leaflet Organisation

Get paid more for your round when leaflets are included! If leaflets have been provided with your delivery route then doing so will earn you extra money. A single leaflet must be delivered with every single magazine posted as normal. We recommend placing the leaflets inside the magazines at home before you go out so, together, leaflet and magazine is ready to put through the door as one with minimal hassle.

One Magazine Delivery

All One Magazine distributors have seven days to complete their delivery routes from date of magazine drop off and must run our GPS tracking app during delivery (please note we cannot track you in real time, only when you’ve marked your route as complete). Our seven-day delivery policy ensures you always have a weekend to help with flexibility – we find that many of our delivery people often finish their rounds within this first weekend.

  • DO ensure only one of each magazine and leaflet are delivered per household
  • DO make sure magazines and leaflets are pushed entirely through the letterbox
  • DO ensure that deliveries are completed within sociable hours – between 7am and before sunset
  • DO make sure the Round Control app is running at all times during delivery
  • Do NOT leave a magazine or leaflet outside under any circumstance
  • Do NOT walk across lawns/gardens or climb over walls or garden fences. Please always use paths and respect homeowners property
  • Do NOT deliver to any homes displaying a ‘no junk mail’ notice
  • Do NOT deliver to any addresses marked on your route instruction as ‘please do not deliver’


Post Delivery Feedback

Once your round is complete, we rely on our distributors to let us know of any changes to their round. Sometimes new houses can be built, people can request non-delivery of the magazine or the number of houses on a street might be more than is actually the case. Please let us know so we can alter numbers. Any excess of magazines can be put in your recycling bin. If you have more than 20 leftover, please notify us as we may arrange collection.