Staying safe

Your safety during delivery is our highest priority. In order to keep safe and have a positive experience during your delivery rounds, please read through our health and safety guidelines listed below.

Keep Safe When Out

  • Never enter anyone’s house and if you cannot find the front door/letter box do not go round the back of the house (just make a note that you had problems at that location).
  • Do not accept any offers of help from anyone, especially from people you do not know. Never get into a car with anyone (even if they are offering to help).
  • All houses should be accessible from main roads. Do not take short cuts through isolated or unknown areas.
  • Don’t deliver before 7am in the morning or after sunset as residents will complain. If dusk is approaching wear light reflective clothing.
  • Under 18s – Ensure an adult knows when you are going out to undertake distribution and give an estimated time of return.

Avoid Accidents and Injuries

  • Never carry more magazines than you feel comfortable with.
  • We suggest a rucksack for carrying the mags is ideal, and many of the team suggest wearing it back to front is a quick way of getting the magazines.
  • Always wear fully enclosed shoes or trainers to protect your toes.
  • Don’t run when making deliveries. Watch out for loose paving stones, potholes etc. Always hold any handrails when climbing steps. Take extra care in wet or icy conditions.
  • Never put fingers into the letterbox (to avoid risk of injury if the letterbox snaps shut and to ensure there is no risk if dogs are present.)
  • If there is a dog loose in the garden do not deliver to this property. If you can hear/see a dog in the hallway when you are delivering take extra care when pushing the magazine through the letterbox. If in any doubt exclude the property.
  • Please take extra care when crossing roads and ensure that you cross in safe places. If you are listening to music while doing your round, remove your earplugs or headset before crossing any roads.
  • If you encounter any verbal abuse or feel unsafe when making deliveries, leave the area immediately and return to a safe location (e.g. home, shop).

We recommend taking a bottle of water with you, especially in warm weather and if you do encounter any problems, please note them down and let your distribution manager know immediately.